Comey The High Priest and Trump The Meddlesome King – by Michael Novakhov

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Comey The High Priest and Trump The Meddlesome King

by Michael Novakhov

The “High Priest” Comey fell off his “High Horse”: the “Meddlesome King” Trump fired him.

“When he was asked if he took President Trump’s “hope” that he would drop the Flynn-Russia investigation “as a directive,” Mr. Comey responded, “Yes, yes. It rings in my ears as kind of ‘Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?’ ”

As some people say, it could not be any different and would happen sooner or later: this dramatic outcome of the high-level political drama was brewing and in plain sight for a long time, and was most likely and simply inevitable, due to the “irreconcilable cultures clash”: the culture of the government and civil service as the highest and the most sacred privilege and duty on the part of the “priest” and the business culture of personal enrichment, with no holds barred, and with no moral, personal, and political constraints, and even flaunting these attitudes, on the part of the “king”. This dramatic conflict between the two protagonists rings with the age old, historical, archetypal overtones: a battle between good and evil, greed and duty, perfidy and honesty, and so on. Clear and simple.

Oh, no: not so clear and not so simple, but complex, complicated, entangled and intertwined, as always, in our real-surreal life.

Mr. Comey, it seems to me, is the unusual and remarkable person: honest and wholesome to the utmost core, but… How efficient and competent was the FBI work during his tenure? Some good things happened, especially in the criminal justice field: the painful and very important issue of the wrongful convictions due to the faulty hair analysis and the DNA evidence were brought up, acknowledged, and addressed; openly and head on. Mr. Comey tried to instill the spirit of moral responsibility into the FBI ranks, like, for example, in his recommendation to all new FBI officers to visit the Holocaust Museum, to see for themselves, what the state tyranny could lead to.

But the roots of the unprecedented and the “unpresidented”, epical, historical political disaster, that the American political class, society, and the whole country caught in their laps, are in the inadequacy, insufficient competence, and the poor preparedness of the FBI work, which allowed this disaster to happen.

FBI’s “apolitical stance” is a myth, it is a very political organization (except maybe Mr. Comey himself and some other FBI leaders in the hierarchy), including its retired members, who, like their counterparts everywhere, never really retire, and are very active, and pro-active politically, for better or for worse. Well, at this point in time and this country’s history, it happened very much for the worse. It looks like the whole country, its voters and the FBI included, stared in the face of the creeping, unnatural, scary, revolting “Obamafication of America”, and withdrew from this prospect en mass, angered, enraged, confused, disgusted. This election cycle, FBI became very much a part of the political process, the evidence is there, like in the mysterious Abedin-Weiner emails case, but most of it is the invisible iceberg, lurking at some distance from the “Titanic” after their nice rendezvous.

The FBI involvement into the political process, which culminated in the current political disaster, has to be investigated in itself, thoroughly, methodically, independently, and in depth, to uncover this killer-iceberg, to learn a lesson, and to prevent these political catastrophes in the future. Preoccupied with their undue and inappropriate political involvement, FBI lost sight and track of the foreign actors’ (and Russia might be just one of them) machinations, and wittingly or unwittingly colluded with them, which remains a valid investigative hypothesis, strengthened by the newly emerged information about the deliberately planted false leads with regard to Mrs. Clinton’s emails investigation.

Only now, at some temporal distance from the 2016 Elections, all these facts and circumstances, known and unknown, start to come into a focus.

The only, whatever lame or real, excuse for the FBI errors of omission, inaction, and self-imposed willful blindness in realizing of what is going on, is the relative novelty of the situation with such a blatant and massive foreign interference, especially in its cyber aspects.

As the former Chief of the British Intelligence, Sir Richard Dearlove noted, Mr. Comey was somewhat, more than others, “slow” in understanding this situation, maybe due to his natural decency, or his reluctance to prematurely suspect the political figures and to interfere with the political process.

“The person described US intelligence as being “very late to the game”. The FBI’s director, James Comey, altered his position after the election and Trump’s victory, becoming “more affirmative” and with a “higher level of concern”.

Eventually, he did realize the game and the tricks, but it was somewhat late, and the inevitable had happened: he was knocked off his “high horse”. Now another rider, Mr. Mueller, is the object of the hostile attention for the “king’s lawyers”.

The current political crisis is also, and quite much so, the FBI crisis, and as any big crisis, it is the “mother of opportunities” for the FBI: to investigate themselves also, to examine the situation as a big picture, to analyse approaches and mistakes, to correct the generic, systemic flaws, and to be better prepared for the unseen and the unforeseen, for the hostile actions, in one form or another, from one corner or another, which will undoubtedly continue, according to the now universally accepted and very sad and the alarming wisdom.

 The “high priests” will always ride their “high horses”, it is their mission and their duty. The “meddlesome kings” will always try to knock them off: they see this as their mission and their duty, but most of all, the instrument of their political survival.

And the truth will always come out, sooner or later. But much better, sooner; or as soon as possible.

“Will no one rid me of this meddlesome king?”

Not in a literal and physical sense, of course, the mores and the rules of the political games had advanced and improved somewhat since the Henry II days, but figuratively-legally, so to speak.

Will Mr. Mueller do it? Will the Congress do it? Maybe.

But most importantly, the American people and the truth will do it, the good old-fashioned way, and in its due time.